Standard Open

Standard open frame racking is designed to safely accommodate all types of industrial batteries. We utilise basic structural calculations to ensure the rack is capable of supporting the requisite battery system whilst ensuring adequate access for maintenance purposes. For vented plant and Ni-Cad types racks are constructed in a terraced manner to permit easy viewing of electrolyte levels and great access for when topping up is necessary. The relevant parts of BS6133 are used in the design of our racks.

Racks are provided with adjustable feet and acid resistant epoxy coating. All fasteners are supplied with insulating plastic caps and wall or floor stabilizing brackets can be specified optionally. All open racks accommodating "wet" batteries are provided with insulating electrolyte resistant capping for the support rails, the same capping can also be specified for sealed VRLA type batteries if desired.

Other special features we can supply if required include extended legs with removal bracing for use on raised computer floors, in-board or external facilities for the mounting of circuit breakers or transition boxes and load spreading channels to distribute the foot point loads. Due to the unique design basis of Nirvana racks, we can usually satisfy all but the most impossible of site conditions.

Click here for detailed information on the construction of open racks: Specification NTS01.

Standard Open
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