Cladded Stands

Cladded battery racks were introduced by Nirvana in the early 1990s as a price conscious alternative to battery cubicles, particularly for large battery installations. They have since achieved great success in the UK and are gaining popularity in the countries of mainland Europe. Cladded racks are based on the equivalent open rack and are supplied in kit form for assembly on site. This can be a significant benefit over battery cubicles on sites where access to the final location is difficult. As per open racks, cladded racks offer great flexibility in design. When site conditions dictate, special solutions can usually be found which would be impossible with traditional battery cubicles.

Cladded racks can be configured to accept all types of battery, top and front terminal VRLA, planté and NiCAD. The standard specification offers the benefits of open racks in terms of flexibility of layout and optimal maintenance access coupled with ingress protection to IP10 (BS5490 : 1992). It is possible on request to increase ingress protection to a maximum of IP32 whilst maintaining good levels of ventilation. It is also possible to vary certain dimensions, such as inter-tier height and rack depth to achieve good dimensional compatibility with adjacent UPS or switchgear equipment.

Standard finish is electro-statically applied powder coat in RAL7035 (light grey) in a leatherette texture. Other facilities we can offer on request include;

  • Internal mounting of battery circuit breakers.
  • External mountings for transition boxes.
  • Extended legs for use on computer floors.
  • Matching of BS and RAL colour schemes.

For further technical information, please click here to view specification NTS04. Anti-shock, off-shore and anti-seismic racking can be offered in the equivalent cladded solution.

For further information, please view the relevant product category in the open rack section of the website.

Downloads NTS04Cladded.PDF