Anti Seismic

Anti-seismic racks have been developed by Nirvana Engineering for use in areas that are geologically unpredictable or for safety critical installations such as nuclear power stations. Nirvana anti-seismic racks are in use world-wide for critical battery installations in sites such hospitals, military sites and powerstations.

As per anti-shock and off-shore racks, anti-seismic racks are supplied complete with battery retention and bolt-down baseplates.

In the case of anti-seismic racks, the specified site conditions are carefully evaulated along with the proposed battery to formulate a solution that exceeds the specified criteria. All seismic stand designs are verified using static analysis calculations derived from the following criteria:

  • Chapter 16, Division 3 of the Uniform Building Code 1994, Volume 2 with categories of seismic zone levels from 1 to 4.
  • Use of BS5950: Part 1: 1990, Structural Use Of Steelwork In Building. Specific limit state to be "Ultimate, based on Item 1, Strength" and method of design to be "Semi-rigid".
  • Use of BS2011: Part 2.1Ea: 1988 and BS2011 : Section 4.3: 1991
  • Use of BS6133: 1995, Safe Operation of Stationary Lead Acid Batteries.

Acceptance of a stand design is made if no member exceeds its minimum yield stress in the static analysis calculations.

Hard copy reports of the structural analysis can be made available if required.

For detailed information on the construction of anti-seismic racks please see specification NTS03.

Anti Seismic
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