The TeleCab was developed by Nirvana to satisfy a need within the reserve power market for a compact battery cubicle designed to accommodate multiples of 48V strings of front terminal telecom type batteries. The resulting design fits in a single 600mm square footprint and can accommodate up to six 48V strings of typical 155/160 Ah 12V blocks.

Currently available in 2 shelf, 4 shelf, 5 shelf and 6 shelf configurations, the design also permits extensions to smaller units to increase capacity. For example a 4 shelf unit may be fitted with a 2 shelf extension at a future point should the extra capacity be needed. Alternative versions of the cabinet have been supplied which offer 3 or 4 shelves of battery storage topped by a series of 19inch rack fixings to accommodate chargers, inverters or UPS modules.

As usual, these cubicles can be supplied in RAL shades to match adjacent equipment.